Thinking about Therapy?

You've just taken the first step!

looking for therapy

Step 1 – I want to Change My Life

Maybe you have wanted to change your life for a long time but could not face going to a “Therapist” or seeking therapy?  Maybe the very word filled you with dread, or maybe you were afraid that people would see you as broken, weird or not a “normal” person?

Well guess what?…  

"Therapy" is no longer a taboo word!

More and more our society realises that mental health is important and just like a visit to a GP seeing a therapist should be no different. 

At JustLetGo we treat you as a human being, a unique human being who has experienced life in a unique way.   Like many of us, you may have faced some challenges or traumatic events in the past that have impacted your life and behaviour, but you don’t have to suffer the effects for the rest of your life.  Are you perhaps looking for therapy for anxiety, help with self confidence, therapy for phobias, need help with misophonia or many other everyday problems?  We can advise and offer help for many issues using our modern therapy methods which can often bring rapid results.

Step 2 – The Time Is Now

If you have gotten this far then part of you has already decided to take action. 

For many people taking that first step is the hard part, however as you read this you may already take comfort in the realisation that you have done it!   You have decided it is time to change and time to get the life that you deserve!   

Your next step is to simply contact us for a free, in-confidence consultation today

JustLetGo offers a professional therapy service. Its practitioners have undergone comprehensive training with recognised training organisations such as EICH , and hold professional membership of relevant associations.