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Professional Therapy Services

Professional Standards

At Justletgo we operate our practice to the highest standards, both professionally and ethically.  Where applicable we are members of professional therapy organisations which ensure that our work is to a high standard and that we maintain and improve our skills through the use of continuous professional development (CPD).  Full information about our therapies and treatments can be found on our dedicated Hypnotherapy, BWRT, and Sequent Re-patterning Therapy pages.

Free Consultations

We offer a Free (no obligation) Consultation to prospective clients allowing them to ask questions before deciding if they wish to pursue a course of treatment.  The free consultation also provides a means to assess your needs, to see if we are a good fit ro work together and to advise you if we can help.  An appropriate treatment programme will be discussed with you.


Payment of Fees

(1)  If paying by Bank Transfer the session fee must be received at least 24 hrs before appointment.
(2)  When paying by Card or Bank Transfer your statement will show “Justletgo Ltd”.


Confidentiality is paramount to any therapy practice and we follow the guidelines and regulations governing client confidentiality as directed by the professional bodies we belong to and our Insurance providers, and we also protect your data in accordance with the GDPR regulations.

All written material, client notes and personal details are stored securely and are treated in the strictest confidence.  We will never disclose any personal data or session information except in the following circumstances…

(a) it is demonstrably in the best interest of the client/patient to disclose relevant information to the client’s medical consultant or physician, and only when the client has given their written permission to disclose information to their medical consultant or physician
(b) where the law requires disclosure
(c) when sharing information with fellow professionals, in which case, client anonymity is guaranteed
(d) in the event of a complaint being made against a therapist, subject to the complainant providing written consent for their notes and records to be made available.

For further information on privacy and how we process and use your information please refer to our Privacy Policy page.


We are a busy practice and often sessions are booked back to back. For face to face appointments please arrive shortly before your session is due to begin and be prepared to wait a little while if a previous client is still in session, in the future it could be your session which has overrun!  For Online appointments please ensure that you are online prior to the appointment time and have tested your connection and equipment.  If you arrive late you may not receive a full session if the next client is to be seen immediately after you.

Late/Cancelled sessions/Failure to attend

You may cancel or re-arrange a session up to 24 hrs before you are due to attend, however, if you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment time the full session fee will be payable.  If you fail to turn up to a session and do not make contact within two days after the session time we reserve the right to charge the full session fee and re-allocate any future appointments to other clients.

Client Complaints.

If a client feels they have cause for complaint they may contact us by telephone, email or by post, providing us with as much information as possible.  Justletgo will respond in a timely manner and will endeavour to resolve your complaint satisfactorily.  In cases where a client wishes to make a formal complaint then they should address their concerns to the appropriate regulating body for the therapy concerned.

Therapy Disclaimer

The entire content of this web-site is designed for information purposes only and is not designed to replace your health care professional or treatments they provide. You must not rely on any of the information in this website to diagnose any condition.  It is recommended that you visit a qualified health care professional for initial diagnosis and treatment before considering any complementary therapies.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and resolve any issues for which you are attending for treatment.  No therapy in existence is a “magic bullet” or a “miracle cure”.  The success of any therapy depends, amongst other things, on how well the therapist and you work together, and your willingness to change and to fully embrace the therapeutic process.

Your therapist may also decide to refer you on to another therapist or cease any treatment if they feel that it is in your best interest, or if it is clear that the therapeutic process is not working.  This would only be done after discussing the reasons with you.  You may decide to stop therapy treatment at any time provided you give us appropriate notice so that any booked sessions may be cancelled without losing valuable practice time.

Public Liability Insurance

All our therapists carry full practice and public liability insurance.

Please Note:  We have tried to provide you with comprehensive practice information, however if you have any further questions about our therapy practice, terms and conditions, or require further practice information please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your questions.